Trivia & a Fish Fry

Did you miss us?  We’ve been out of town with KELLER WILLIAMS – FAMILY REUNION!  Ask us how taking time out to learn and network will help us sell your home quicker, help you find your new home with less hassle, and all around how we ARE the premier Realtors to work with . . . . . Anyhoo, let’s get on with TRIVIA!!!

So, while we were away, we heard that something exciting happened here. . . . The Bridge reopened!  Yahoo!  I’m sure you’ve heard this figure numerous times in the last 3 months, but let’s see who’s been paying attention. . .

On average, how many cars daily cross the Sherman Minton Bridge?

Keep entering each week for a chance to win the monthly prize!  We are posting the trivia questions weekly on our blog (, on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  When you figure out the answer, head over to  complete the First Name, & Last Name fields, and in the Questions/Where Are You Looking portion, type your answer and then click on Send.  Easy, right?

Switching gears just for a minute, I want to make sure that each of you are aware of the deliciousness that comes with Life in Southern Indiana during Lent. . . Tomorrow the WORLD FAMOUS LENTEN FISH FRY begins at the Knights of Columbus (809 E. Main Street)!  Yippee!!!  Look what you get – Baked or Fried Fish, French Fries or Baked Potato. Unlimited Salad Bar with Bob’s World Famous Slaw, Unlimited Tea, Lemonade, Water, and Coffee for only $8.75! The doors are open from 4:30 – 7:30 – and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see plenty of friends and neighbors there and have a great time.

See you at the K of C & Enjoy your Life in Southern Indiana,



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